Interstate Towing now offers roadside service at your fingertips!

Introducing the easiest way to access road service with the simple touch of a button. Just a few simple steps and Interstate will confirm you are in a safe location and dispatch a truck immediately! We have the right equipment to handle most vehicle sizes. We believe in providing prompt, efficient service while abiding by the most stringent guidelines of safety in the towing industry.


We have been providing superior service for many years, with service offerings such as:

We provide the most efficient flatbed service around. A standard flatbed trailer is a flat trailer with no enclosures or doors, so it can be loaded and unloaded from the top, sides or rear. If you need to ship items that are too tall, wide, or heavy for standard, we’ve got you covered. From tarps and straps to special permits and escort vehicles, we coordinate the details for you. Tarps are often requested with these types of trailers, and they’re commonly used to ship heavy loads including machinery, lumber, steel products and construction equipment.